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Docker images

Docker is a great tool supporting software development. Possibility to setup different software and networking configurations basing on one configuration file (docker-compose.yaml) greatly automates development tasks.

Dev2 – Dev. squared

It’s a set of Docker images developed to improve development work on LAMP applications.

The main goals are:

  • Eliminate password hassle and boring tasks (e.g. manual account creation)
  • Provide debugging out-of the box
  • Add network insight capabilities

One of the features of Dev2 is automatic uid:gid remapping. Usually uid of Linux desktop user is 1000, but containerized applications apply standards such as 33 for web servers.

Once when source files are shared with host, web server (web application) run in a container expects uid:gig: 33:33, but mounted files have 1000:1000.
To make development work smooth, Dev2 containers run file system that does a simple remapping of uid’s and gid’s, so developer can focus on essentials that is a Web app development. This filesystem is Dev2FS.

Dev2FS requires FUSE, thus Docker containers must run on elevated permissions.
To do so supplement ‘Docker run …’ with arguments:
–cap-add SYS_ADMIN –device /dev/fuse
or if you use docker-compose.yaml add:

cap_add: ['SYS_ADMIN']
  - /dev/fuse

Note that your host must have fuse module loaded: modprobe fuse

NOTE: Dev2 images has NOT been tested on other OS then Linux. Therefore at this point only this OS is supported.


Apache with PHP module featured by XDebug, adminer.php and dev. oriented settings out of the box, sources here


Mariadb database featured by some tuning, such as printing all SQL commands or password auto-generation, sources here


WordPress at the top of Apache PHP with wp-cli. Container deploys desired WP configuration based on settings, such as plugin list, default theme, etc.. Developed to support theme and plugin development, sources here


Prestashop at the top of Apache PHP. Featured by a set of scripts to automate Presta installation, sources here


OpenCart e-commerce solution at the top of Apache PHP. It contains set of scripts to automate OpenCart installation, sources here


Alpine Linux container featured by networking tools, sources here

Ah2 – Administrator’s helper squared

I developed a set of dockers that improves system administrator’s tasks.


Imapsync is a very useful Perl program to do e-mail migration from one mailbox to another. Here this tool has been containerized to make migration even smoother, sources here

DevF – Development with Fun (well, it’s always fun)

This project is designed to inspire young’s, and to preserve IT history.


Free Pascal Compiler – docker containing Pascal compiler, sources here

Docker images are available here:

C tools, Shell scripts & Python

I actively develop code in C (GNU C Library), Shell scripts and in Python


FUSE based filesystem to make Docker LAMP development smooth.
Sources and more description (GitHub)

NFT Helper

Simple shell scripts for resolving domain names to IPs. It is used to add traffic filtering based on domain name to Netfilter (NFT).
Sources and more description (GitHub)

Site Digest

Python Tool for website testing and content analysis.
Sources and more description (GitHub)

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